but not about critical thinking, if you please, and a few other thoughts
and also (utterly consistently!) Cormac McCarthy and the Chaconne of JSB
[Mussorgsky for children—more below] Had a nice chat about the Civil Rights Movement with two friends, Paul Gottfried and Brandon Van Dyck, the other…

February 2023

And Buddy Guy and Bob Gibson
Yes, I watched a lot of schlocky horror movies as a kid
Coming soon to a display at the entrance to a university library near (some of) you
And assorted other reflections
[An obvious white supremacist group making the threatening, violent “chop” gesture at a Chiefs’ game, perhaps (who can tell, since we have no audio…
My friend died in his van of a heroin overdose thirty years ago. He was found in the morning in the driver's seat, the vehicle out of gas. He just did a…
[Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, A Favourite Custom, an idealized rendition of the baths at Pompeii] This, which began as something I wrote here, up recently…

January 2023

All Things Rhapsodical: Courses of Ultimate Concern introListen now (10 min) |
[Lyon, France. Statue of Louis XIV on horseback with the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière in the background at dusk.] All the dead men and women…